Holy Temple Fitness has Services that will be able to fit everyone's lifestyle & budget.

Our packages come with monthly subscriptions (minimum 3 months) To help you reach your goals and allow you to be able to see results with the changes that you encounter throughout your program. We will be adding more programs soon and also will be embarking on conducting classes to help those who are looking for other alternatives to get in the best shape of their lives.

Online Temple Training ($35/month) 

No matter your fitness level or goal, this program will allow you to have your workout at your fingertips at all times. Get a customized program based on your level of fitness, complete with instructional videos to help guide you along the way. With this package you will get:

  • Workout App (Android and iPhone users) that will be your main access for completing your logging and tracking of your exercising regimen and nutritional intake
  • Videos included with your customized workout plan with full instruction of each exercise.
  • Visual graphs and charts showing you your progress as you complete daily workouts.
  • 1-2 Skype sessions per month for question/answer sessions
  • Local (Dallas/Fort Worth) clients can get one on one assessments for $20 a session to conduct measurements, weight ins and work on form with new exercises or problem areas.

Meal Planning ($35/Month)

70 - 80% of your success, whether its weight gain, loss, or maintaining come from your food consumption. Holy Temple Fitness provides a meal planning service to help you reach your results. Services included with this package are:

  • Automated meal plan specified to clients needs and goals
  • Ability to swap foodswith compatible foods without bearking caloric intake or macro measurements
  • Logging of food to watch your daily food intake from day to day
  • Grocery list based on your meal plan to take the guesswork out of what to buy at the store
  • Recipes to come with some meal plans to allow proper breakdown of fats, protein and carbs for meal

Grocery Store/Pantry Makeover ($50)

Most people when running to the grocery store, often times have an issue with reading labels and understanding what they are buying on the shelf. We will teach you how to make natural alternative choices for your food supply, prepping food choices and assisting with portion control. Whether you are buying for one person or an entire household, let us show you how to make healthier choices. Sessions are for 2 hours.


Throughout your workout, assessments are essential to make sure that you are achieving the best progress as possible. This keeps you from staying in the same place (Plateauing) with your results, answer any questions you may have about certain exercises and allowing your trainer to inspect improvement of form with certain range of motion issues.

Ultimate Temple Training ($150/month w/o meal plan, $180 w/meal plan)

For the individual looking to achieve a complete transformation with their health and make the ultimate lifestyle change, this package is for you. You will get all of the services with the Online Temple Training along with the following:

  • Skype meetings on a weekly basis
  • 1 Grocery Store run a month
  • 2 Fitness assessments to record weight, measurements and check endurance of current fitness regimen and make necessary adjustments.
  • 3 dedicated/scheduled days of 1 on 1 training per week with your trainer w/additional workouts on non session days

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